Dry Ice Effect Hire

Want to feel like you're dancing on top of the clouds for your first dance? Our Dry Ice Machine adds a thick layer of fog giving you the perfect cloud effect to wow your guests with.


Why not add a lighting effect to your cloud? There are 63 colours to choose from with effects such as fading in and out & colour rotation just £7.50 per light – we recommend using 4 but have up to 8 available for bigger venues. 


*The dry ice machine will run for about 10 minutes before it will need to reheat for around 10 mins before further use. Dry ice effect can be used in bursts, i.e. For one song then a break before another song. Durations are approximate as variables such as flow rate requested/area size will all adjust how quickly the dry ice lasts. We would always recommend ordering more dry ice than you think you need!

** Crew will need to attend to operate the machine - we are not offering this on a hire only basis.